Sunday, August 20, 2006

DRC: Elections: Official Results (Update 12) - Gunbattles at Congo's election commission - Aug 20, 2006: "KINSHASA, Congo (AP) -- President Joseph Kabila's bodyguards fought deadly gunbattles with army troops loyal to his main campaign rival Sunday outside the offices where results from Congo's historic elections were to be announced.

Kemal Saiki, a spokesman for the 17,500-strong U.N. peacekeeping force in Congo, said at least one soldier loyal to the ex-insurgent, Jean-Pierre Bemba, died.

Gunfire, at times heavy, continued for at least an hour outside the Electoral Commission offices in central Kinshasa where results from the July 30 vote were awaited. A white-painted U.N. armored personnel carrier ventured outside the compound and two volleys of small-arms fire sounded immediately afterward.

Witnesses said the fight between Kabila's special presidential guards and government troops still loyal to Bemba sparked after members of the forces crossed paths and exchanged words."
Well it seems as though things have calmed down. The Electoral commission is currently (10 PM GMT) giving the results on National TV and Radio, retransmitted by Radio Okapi.

Here are the results (This will be long)
Participation: 70,54%
Expressed: 16,937,534

Banyingela Kasonga: 0,48%
Jean Pierre Bemba Gombo: 20,03% (2)
Boniouma : 0,38%
Diomi Ndongala: 0,51%
Antoine Gizenga: 13,06% (3)
Bernard mmanuel Kabatu Suila: 0,51%
Joseph Kabila Kabange: 44,81% (1)
Gerard Kamanda: 0,31%
Oscar Kashala: 3,46% (5)
Norbert Likulia: 0,46%
Roger Lumbala: 0,45%
Guy Patrice Lumumba: 0,42%
Vincent de Paul Lunda Bululu: 1,40%
Pierre Anatole Matusila: 0,59%
Christophe Mboso Kodia: 0,47%
Antipas Mbusa Nyamuisi: 0,57%
Mbuyi Kalala Alafuele: 0,26%
Francois Joseph Mobutu Nzanga: 4,77% (4)
Florentin Mokonda Bonza:
Timothee Moleka: 0,10%
Justine Mpoyo Kasa-Vubu: 0,44%
Jonas Mukamba: 0,24%
Paul Josepf Mukungubila: 0,35%
Osee Muyima Njoko: 0,15%
Arthur Z'ahidi Ngoma: 0,34%
Niemba : 0,24%
Marie Therese N'landu: 0,21%
Wivine N'landu: 0,32%
Catherine Marthe Nzuzi wa Mbombo: 0,38%
Joseph Olenghankoy: 0,60%
Pierre Pay Pay: 1,58% (7)
Azarias Ruberwa: 1,69% (6)
Hassan Thassinda: 0,14%

The numbers in parentheses represent the rank of the candidates. There will therefore be a run-off elections between Kabila and Bemba, as it has been noted in the past few days.

Wow, regardless of what happens, my people has voted!! Now, let us all hope that things stay calm. You are all free to comment.


Black River Eagle said...

The way it looks now, the only way that opposition candidates could defeat Joseph Kabila is by forming a Grand Coalition of some kind (highly unlikely) and convincing the voters to support the coalition en masse in the runoff elections in October. You have to give Kabila credit, whatever he did during the campaigning period worked and it will be very difficult to defeat him at the ballot box. Amazing that he received so much support from the eastern provinces where the people have suffered so much DURING the transitional government period under his presidency.

I am a bit disappointed to see Oscar Kashala finish at position Nr. 5 out of the top 10 candidates. Could there be a coalition formed by candidates 3-10 creating a strong opposition bloc in the Parliament? Now things are getting very, very interesting in the future political landscape of the DR Congo.

It is shame that the violence surrounding the election results announcement was started by the very people who (allegedly) are there to protect and serve the people of the DRC. Where were the U.N. forces and the EU forces during these shootouts? In their barracks hiding under their beds?

Now you KNOW what the EUFOR-RDC forces are there to do and it is NOT to protect your people and help to secure these elections as is repeatedly claimed by German TV news reporters and newspaper columnists and journalists here. The same baloney is probably being reported by the rest of the European press and broadcast media, "Our boys have been sent to the DRC to help the people of the Congo have peaceful elections and post-election calm."

It's a damn disgrace and certain members of the "international community" whose countries contributed forces to help secure these elections should feel ashamed. When are they (EUFOR, UN) going to act, when some white person in Kinshasa gets shot or threatened?

TheMalau said...

Brother BRE,
Actually, as I am listening to Radio Okapi, both MONUC and EUFOR troops did exactly what they claim to do. They deployed in front of the elctoral commission offices, and around the places where the gunfire was heard, and tried to place themselves between the parties. More on that later.

It is not so sure that grand coalitions are unlikely. We should never underestimate the tribal allegiance of many Congolese people. If this "Congolity" campaign goes on, it is not so sure that it is a cake walk for Kabila.

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