Sunday, August 20, 2006

RDC: Elections: Resultats (Mise a jour 12)

Au moment ou j'ecris (22h24 TU), le President de la CEI vient de terminer de lire les resultats provisoires des elections presidentielles. En voici la teneur principale:

Participation: 70,54%
Suffrages exprimes: 16,937,534

Banyingela Kasonga: 0,48%
Jean Pierre Bemba Gombo: 20,03% (2)
Boniouma : 0,38%
Diomi Ndongala: 0,51%
Antoine Gizenga: 13,06% (3)
Bernard Emmanuel Kabatu Suila: 0,51%
Joseph Kabila Kabange: 44,81% (1)
Gerard Kamanda: 0,31%
Oscar Kashala: 3,46% (5)
Norbert Likulia: 0,46%
Roger Lumbala: 0,45%
Guy Patrice Lumumba: 0,42%
Vincent de Paul Lunda Bululu: 1,40%
Pierre Anatole Matusila: 0,59%
Christophe Mboso Kodia: 0,47%
Antipas Mbusa Nyamuisi: 0,57%
Mbuyi Kalala Alafuele: 0,26%
Francois Joseph Mobutu Nzanga: 4,77% (4)
Florentin Mokonda Bonza:
Timothee Moleka: 0,10%
Justine Mpoyo Kasa-Vubu: 0,44%
Jonas Mukamba: 0,24%
Paul Joseph Mukungubila: 0,35%
Osee Muyima Njoko: 0,15%
Arthur Z'ahidi Ngoma: 0,34%
Niemba : 0,24%
Marie Therese N'landu: 0,21%
Wivine N'landu: 0,32%
Catherine Marthe Nzuzi wa Mbombo: 0,38%
Joseph Olenghankoy: 0,60%
Pierre Pay Pay: 1,58% (7)
Azarias Ruberwa: 1,69% (6)
Hassan Thassinda: 0,14%

Selon la loi, il y aura donc un second tour avec Kabila et Bemba. Le peuple Congolais a vote. Maintenant, essayons de maintenir le pays en un seul morceau, de grace!


kim said...

I'm happy there's a second round. That's voting, not shooting.

TheMalau said...

Me too, bro. Me too. By the way, there is a new radio online, out of Toronto. A bit "Jesussy", but they have a nice newscast.

Brian said...

Selon l'ONU, le vote congolais est le scrutin le plus compliqué (en matière de logistique) de l'histoire du monde. Bravo à tout le monde pour avoir assuré un processus plus ou moins sain.

Jonathan Edelstein said...

Amazing. I don't think anyone expected Gizenga to place third, did they? It seems that his strength came from Kinshasa even more than Bandundu; he outpolled Bemba in most of the poorer communes in the capital.

Which way do you think he'll go? There are rumors that Kabila will offer him the premiership. I could imagine him taking it - he doesn't have to worry about his electoral future - but would his voters follow him?

Does Kashala have a future, or has he spent too long a time in mputu ville?

Jonathan Edelstein said...

BTW, I assume that Bemba won't be getting any of the Mbuti vote in the runoff.

Anonymous said...

The second round is almost here and hope it will be peaceful/-

Anonymous said...

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