Monday, August 07, 2006

DRC: Elections: Update 7

The Salon did not post any update on the elections these past 2 days, because it seemed like more of the same. But today, there is something new, so here it is:
IOL: Partial DRC election results to be released: "Congolese authorities have been persuaded by envoys from international countries, with South Africa playing a leading role, to start releasing interim results in the DRC elections from Tuesday.

In the tense capital, 'the climate was being poisoned' by claims from political parties and candidates and the radio and TV stations they owned, SA's ambassador in Kinshasa, Sisa Ngombane, said on Sunday.

'We told the CEI (the DRC's electoral commission) it would be impossible not to say anything on the results.'

He and other envoys had a meeting with the CEI and editors from local media to discuss the release of interim results, as the process threatened to break down due to chaos at so-called compilation centres."
So there you have it. By tomorrow, we should be able to have a more accurate view of what the real results are. And hopefully this will decrease the high level of tensions in the country.

Congo kino liwa! Over and out!

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Black River Eagle said...

According to this news article partial election results suggest that there will be a runoff election between Joseph Kabila and Jean Pierre Bemba in October. Is there anything official from the CEI that has been published online yet?

It looks as if the vote counting for the 500 parliamentary seats is in a state of chaos too (according to this article). If that is so, why are most of the independent election observers, international organizations, and UN officials packing their bags and returning home before this has been sorted out?

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